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EITD Transformation – Science and Engineering Research Centre

The strength of the Engineering Campus is proven through its research. Engineering Campus is known for its conducive research environment, innovative researchers and state of the art research facilities. The university envisions the need for this Campus and has planned to create a one-stop centre to empower the research team in the Campus in the 9th Malaysian Plan. This is manifested by the construction of the RM18 million Integrated Research Lab (Makmal Penyelidikan Bersepadu) to achieve excellence  through integrated and trans-disciplinary concepts. Deputy Vice Chancellor of Research and Innovation is confident of Engineering and Technology Department’s (EnTeRP) ability to manage Makmal Penyelidikan Bersepadu (MPB).

Rebranding of EITD is a transformation aimed at achieving excellence in research,   specifically at the Engineering Campus. The rebranding of EnTeRP includes:

1. The concept of establishing MPB for:

>Research in a larger scope including fundamental, disciplinary, inter-disciplinary or trans-disciplinary research and application.

>shared facility and shared services 

2. Operation of EnTeRP and EITD

>In brief, it encompasses the aspect of management and administration, technology, consultation and service, human capital, laboratory and technical accreditation.

With the consent of the Jawatankuasa Pengurusan Universiti (JKPU) in December 2012, EITD was renamed as Pusat Penyelidikan Sains dan Kejuruteraan or Science and Engineering Research Centre (SERC). SERC, a joint-research centre, is the first to apply the concept of shared facility and shared services in USM. It is expected to give a higher impact on research in the Engineering Campus specifically and in USM as a whole.

The choice of the name has strength in itself and will be realised through its concept, role, function and objective.

The integration concept in all aspects of administration includes:


>Sharing facilities, integrating expertise between academic and technical staff, transfer of information and technology between university – industry – human capital.

>Implementing the concept of shared facilities and shared services to generate effective, efficient interaction and communication, and to provide a conducive environment for research

>Creating synergy and integration between engineering and science for multi-disciplinary, inter-disciplinary and trans-disciplinary research.

ii.Human Capital

>Integration of human capital increases the sense of belonging and ownership.

>Continuous improvement in all aspects to ensure better yield and quality of work, knowledge and skill, interaction and communication, creativity and innovation as well as healthy competition.

>Creating an open friendly community and always striving for excellence in personality, work, output and interaction.

iii. Management and administration


>Put forth facilities, laboratories and services that meet the requirements of ISO 17025, GLP and GMP.

>Ensure the infrastructure owned is up to date, effective and efficient.

Governance system

>Create a high quality, high-tech, efficient, and effective governance system through continuous improvement.


Science and Engineering Research Centre (SERC)

SERC is a two-story building which covers an area of 6,178.23 square meters. Various research laboratories, equipment rooms, and facilities available are as listed below:

Research Rooms/ Laboratories and Research Tools Room at SERC

Ground Floor
No  Lab/Research Room  Area (m2
1.  Dry Lab Working Area – double volume  554 
2.  Sample Preparation Lab  60 
3.  PCB Lab  60 
4.  Universal Testing Machine Lab  120 
5.  Raman Spectrometer Room  80 
6.  Wet Lab Working Area – double volume  613 
7.  Weighting Room  15 
8.  Centrifuge Room  22 
9.  Wind Tunnel  460 
10.  Sample Preparation Lab – Double Volume  374.50 
11.  Wet Chemistry Lab  275 
12.  Combustion Lab  88 
13.  Field Emission Transmission Electron Microscope (HRTEM) & FESEM  30.40 
14.  Digital Microscope Room  15.20 
15.  Nuclear Magnetic Resonance (NMR)  15.20 
16.  X-ray Photoelectron Spectroscope (XPS) 45.60 
17.  Chemical Store  110 
18.  Gas Store  20 
19.  Water Distillers  11 
20.  Server Room  15.20 
21.   Computer Laboratory 22 
First Floor
No.   Lab/Research Room Area (m2)
1. Clean Room 25
2. Temperature Control Room – Cool Room 22
3. Temperature Control Room  - Microbiology 22
4. Temperature Control Room  - BOD 22
5. Temperature Control Room – COD 22
6. Particle Analyzer/Surface Absorption Instrument                          30.4
7. HPLC/GC/GC-MS Room 45.60
8. AAS/ICP-MS Room    45.60
9. FTIR Room 8.00
10. Thermal Equipment Room 15.20
11. NDT Room 15.20

 SERC also provides other facilities such as:

>Seminar Room (200m2)

>3 meeting rooms

>Integration space for staff

>Integration space for students

>Men’s and Women’s Prayer Room

>Resource Room

>Control room for announcement and CCTV room

>Inquiry counter/space