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Gas Chromatography (Perkin Elmer GC Clarus 680 c/w Turbomatrix Headspace)

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Instrument Name & Model: Gas Chromatography (Perkin Elmer GC Clarus 680 c/w Turbomatrix Headspace)

Special Features
• Fast GC – provides fastest heating rate (140 deg C) and fastest cooling rate (cools from 450 to 50 deg C in <2mins). This helps in saving time and gas consumption, as well as providing high sample thoughput.
• FID that does not need any make up gas, allowing user to save on He consumption.
• Programmable Split/splitless Injector (PSSI) – Perkin Elmer PSSI is a multi mode injector, which allows user to perform split injection mode, splitless injection mode, programmable on-column mode, temperature programmable injection mode and large volume injection mode (only with Prevent).
• Autosampler – Perkin Elmer Autosampler with one tower that can sequentially access dual channel injector and will automatically park autosampler tower after each injection and allow open access to injector for maintenance if required. 
• Innovative touch-screen - providing easier system accessibility and usability which allow users to monitor the current state of the system at a glance.
• TotalChrom Chromatography Data Systems (CDS) – Makes data management and reporting easier than ever.
• Turbomatrix Headspace use Pressure Balanced Technology – which is a patented design, allows samples to be introduced into the column without using a gas syringe or multiport valves. Instead, carrier gas pressures are precisely regulated to manage transfer, eliminating many of the sources of variability and contamination found in other systems

• Determination of Acrylonitrile in Food 
• Determination of Organophosphorus Pesticides in Food
• Determination of Acrylamide in Food
• Determination of Alcohol Content in Food

Location: Chromatography Room (F022)



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