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Atomic Absorption Spectroscopy (Perkin Elmer AAS – Aanalyst 800 c/w FIAS100)

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Instrument Name & Model:  Atomic  Absorption Spectroscopy

Special Features
• High light throughput, single-path optical system with a dual-blazed grating monochromator for optimized performance over the entire AA wavelength range.
• Front-surfaced, reflecting optics with protective coatings for improved UV reflectivity and corrosion resistance are used throughout.
• Complete system control from a single keyboard; automated motorized atomizer exchange, permitting the change between flame AA and graphite furnace AA.
• THGA-type furnace with Zeeman-effect background correction is mounted on a motorized carriage that can be moved automatically into the sample compartment with a push of a button.

• Food Safety Compliance for elements : As, Pb, Sn, Hg, Cd, Sb, 
• Drinking Water under Food Act : Al, As, Cd, Cr, Cu, Fe, Pb, Mg, Mn, Hg, Se, Ag, Na, 
• Food Nutrient Supplement Act : Zn, Fe, Mg Ca 
• Pharmaceutical Act for Natural Product : As, Pb, Cd, Hg , Cu 
Location: Elementary Spectroscopy Room (F030)



Muhammad Fadhirul Izwan B. Abd Malik
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Science and Engineering Research Centre (SERC)
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