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Universal Testing Machine Electro-Mechanical 50kN








Instrument Name & Model: 5969 – 50kN Electro-Mechanical UTM  icon new

Special Feature:

  • 50kN load cell with Class 0.5 accuracy for load range from 1% to 100% of 50kN.
  •  Load measurement traceable to NVLAP and meets ASTM E4 & ISO 7500-1 standards (verified/ calibrated by Instron).


  • Test Type: Suitable for static tests, such as tension test, bending test (3 point & 4-point), compression test.
  • Test Result: Suitable to be used to determine Modulus of Elasticity, Yield Stress, Tensile Strength, Load at break, Modulus of Rupture.
  • Specimen type: Suitable for static testing of composites, plastics, metal, wood, adhesive, elastomer.


Location: Universal Testing Machine Laboratory

Amira Sofea Mahamad Husin
Email : amirasofea@usm.my
Tel : 04-599 6509 Fax : 04-599 6915
Science and Engineering Research Centre (SERC)
Engineering Campus
Universiti Sains Malaysia
14300 Nibong Tebal, Penang, Malaysia